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État(s) d'urgence

Shortly after the 2015 terrorist attacks, Elisabeth and I strolled the Parisian metro tunnels for hours on end, with the following questions in mind. To what extent is the “climate of insecurity”, which has been highlighted by the French media in the aftermath of these terrible events, perceptible in the everyday life of Paris, and how to restore it within the framework of a photographic practice? More generally, how to grasp the scope of events that have a massive (psychological, social, …) impact on society, but to which there is not yet distance enough to comprehend them in a non-emotional way? Is it possible to visualise such "state(s) of emergency"? How to tell the truth from fiction when ultra-violence has disrupted peace in society ? What happens if emotions shake the fragile relation between war and truth? 

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This project was funded by a grant from the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg, during a three-months residency at the Cité des Arts de Paris, 2016.

Photographic portfolio (30 images)

Video (15 minutes)

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