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(digitized drawings) 

The digitized drawings the Fictitious Photographs series result from a combination of photo-realistic pencil drawing and electronic image editing. Nothing is photographed, however, and photography is not involved in any of the various editing stages of the images, except for the final result, which has a quasi-photographic aspect. The images have been created in collaboration with Elisabeth Krecké.

Some feature existing film stars (Isabelle Adjani, Donald Sutherland, Terence Stamp, for instance) in movies that were never made. Others evoke fake celebrities, who somehow seem familiar to anyone used to the stereotypes of cinema or pop culture. 


Questions raised in this work are: why do images affect us? Why do some affect us more than others? How do image-producers (in particular film-makers) manage to play with our feelings as viewers? 

The Fictitious Photographs and Stills from Non-existing Movies series have been exhibited at numerous events., including MUTATION I at European Month of Photography in Paris, Berlin, Luxembourg, Moscow, Rome, Bratislava, Vienna.

Curators: Paul di Felice and Pierre Stiwer


Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Fictitious photographs

Images © Carine and Elisabeth Krecké, 2003 

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